For more than 20 years, the T.Byrd Center has been helping organizations, plan and deliver effective curriculum with a technology base platform. Trina Byrd holds certification in business and technology curriculum development. Her extensive experience in developing curriculums for almost any industry provides all aspects of curriculum development which includes:

A completed curriculum analysis for the organization includes the following:
• Identify Target audiences and core competencies needed
• Skill/content areas to be covered
• Instructional delivery approaches
• Specific courses and/or modules to be created
• Learning tracks, exercises, worksheets, lab assignments, projects, quizzes, tests
• Certification development program to certify you Instructors, Trainers
• Course Materials (Instructor and Student)

We specialize in private schools, summer camp programs, after school programs and customized training programs for community based programs for Youth, Senior Citizens and Adults.

Need a customized database to track your data, give us a call for our complimentary needs assessment.  All contracts include Microsoft Access software, User and Training Guides, One full day of training for you and your staff.

Is your administrative office working for you or against you? Are you still operating in the 20th century? Are you prepared for inspections, audits or emergencies such as loss of data? Are you so successful in your product or service but your administrative procedures or daily operations need to improve? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then please give us a call for our complimentary assessment.